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TD06SL2-20G AR55 8CM T3

These Kinugawa TD06SL2-20g turbos come with a T3 inlet flange option to fit common T3 and T3T4 flanged manifolds and are suited to 1.8L to 2.5L applications. Specifications: * Compressor wheel: 52.5 / 68 mm * Turbine Wheel: 54.1 / 61 mm * Turbine housing:...READ MORE

TD05-20G AR55 8CM T3

These Kinugawa TD05-20g turbos come with a common T3 inlet flange to suit both many factory and aftermarket applications. Specifications:  * 20G (52.5 / 68mm) compressor wheel * 8cm Turbine Housing with larger 34mm flapper * AR55 comp cover * Journal Bearing with performance thrust...READ MORE