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T04R / TD06H 10CM T3 V-band

These Kinugawa T04R/TD06H turbos come with a T3 inlet flange to suit both many factory and aftermarket applications that use a T3 flange. Specifications: * 66.5/84 mm (Garrett T04R) compressor wheel * 58.8 / 67.2 mm (TD06H 11 Blade (TD06H4) turbine Wheel * 10cm V-band...READ MORE

T04S/T04R T4 twin scroll

These Kinugawa T04S/T04R twin scroll T4 turbos include a complete new turbo plus fitting kit. Specifications: Compressor wheel: 66.5/84 mm Turbine housing AR1.15 with twin entry T4 flange (other A/RĀ housings also available) Turbine wheel: 64.6/74.2mm (T4 P trim Wheel) Oil cooled CHRA 2.8 Bar max...READ MORE